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Do T people who come here & lie about themselves realize the damage they're doing to the transsexual community?
Case in point... the user annah…

In recent answers I've given, I have repeatedly questioned her claims of being a "gender psychologist", and now a "post-op transsexual." I did a little research and could find nothing to substantiate either claim, which in itself is not a smoking gun. THIS, however, IS...…

Access to her profile content requires one register with this site, however here are a couple of choice excerpts...

...I enrolled at the local community college and decided to change my career path once and for all. I am going to be a nurse. It isn't that I lost my faith in Christianity. It's just that the Church isn't ready for me. Also nursing is a wonderful way to help people. I did a LOT more research. Now I'm getting therapy with a wonderful psychiatrist and it felt so nice that she called me by real name. Kareal. I cried.

I have a lot of work before me. I am realistic. But i am also optimistic. Here are my plans. Please let me know if its good:

1. Loose [SIC] Weight. Ill be at my ideal body weight by next christmas [SIC] if i work out cardio.
2. Continue Gender Therapy
3. Find a job
4. Start Nursing School
5. Start Laser/Electrolysis treatments
6. Start HRT on Christmas 2010 as a gift to myself

Quite a different resume from the one she's been professing in her answers here - she's neither a "gender psychologist" OR a "post-operative transsexual." She can't even spell 'lose'!

In a Jul 2010 post, she writes...
"Is it just me or is 90% of the chatroom on this website full of fakes?"

HAHAHAHA! Is that irony, or some sort of attempt at comedy? In another July entry, she starts complaining about being hit on too much by men. Mind you, this is a pic of her from this past August…
I can see why she's getting hit on. It's the sexy beard. How many times have you heard new transitioners "complain" about this "problem?"

Here is our illustrious "gender therapist's" YouTube channel, where she sounds more like a 16 year old valley-girl than a college grad with a Masters degree (like, you won't like, believe, like your ears!)
In one video she talks about how she can't find a job, and still hasn't legally changed her name. Post-op indeed!

I've worked my butt off here for the past year and a half to educate and assist transpeople looking for help and guidance, and while I don't want anything in return, I've gotten many heartfelt emails of thanks from people all over the world, which I truly appreciate. I try very hard to put up factual information with verifiable sources, and while I do maintain my own privacy, I've never tried to misrepresent who I am, where I am in my transition, and what my educational background is. I believe in the time I've been here at Answers I've earned a reputation for being honest (sometimes brutally so), consistent, and above all else, REAL. I've developed offline relationships with some of the highly respected "regulars" here - transwomen who share my values - and we're all equally disgusted and saddened when people like annah (as well as others) waltz in here, start lying through their teeth, spreading their ignorance, and undermining the efforts that we make to guide people to, and through, their Transitions successfully.

I'm sure this question will be reported, but I hope in the time it appears, enough people read it so that this fraud annah can be exposed and "neutered" (as it were), before she actually does do something to harm a person.
A lot of the cisgendered people in this section won't understand your concern as they aren't aware of how vulnerable transsexual women and men can be especially in the early stages when they are looking for guidance.

I think this is the reason Leah (clones) left yahoo answers because she was tired of the fakes, abuse and discrimination targeted towards trans people in this section.

I don't know why she would fake being a gender therapist, probably to feel like her opinions are valued and give her creditability. I think it's only damaging to those who are prepared to believe her.

I sometimes worry about the transsexual men and women here and in fact all the people i meet with transsexualism are never happy individuals. From my experiences those who suffer with transsexualism are normally very intelligent but also very isolated people. Transsexuals are the most hated and misunderstood minority group out there and this isn't helped by people giving the wrong information out and misleading others.
Hey girls or guys would you date a transsexual? "pics"?
Here are some pictures of some



This is her music page
I would not knowingly date a transsexual. ever.
Question for transgendered and transsexual persons, what kind of man/woman do you want to be like?
Examples of men: a regular Joe -…
rugged -…
intellectual, really macho like Hulk Hogan, etc.

Examples of women: girly girl:…
average person:…
sophisicated, tom boy, etc.
Hey where is Radgal? No answer yet. Uh oh.

Me I want to be like me! One happy woman!
I feel better now Radgal answered!
How attractive would you say this woman is (with pics)?
Her name is Nicole Bass and she's a professional female bodybuilder as well as a former WWE wrestler.

She's appeared several times on the Howard Stern radio show, and was born a woman. She is not a transsexual nor is she a man.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest), how would you rate her looks, in terms of facial features, physique, etc?

Here are some pics:…………
A -10. that's disgusting. Sorry I am sure she is a nice person but dang she just ugly. Plus with all the muscle it makes her look like a man with boobs. And one last thing her face looks like a man.
Am I a desirable student for boarding schools?
Freshmen from a lowish preforming high school.
87% average, with half honors.

I have an IEP for a learning disability that causes problems with spelling.

I am one of six people living on 45K a year, my mother is a single parent.

I ran two school clubs in the last year focused on conservation of local lands, I have 200 hours of recorded service.

I am in FBLA, the schools newspaper and the GSA.

I am a very good artist-…

Normal white person background, although I was born in japan.

I am a male to female transsexual. I dress as a boy at school, and a girl at home; I am switching schools so I can go full time.
I would think you could get accepted. I would be concerned about the cost, however.

Apparently you have the support of your mother, which should help you with transition.

I wish you the best.
Person have/born 2 penis?
Can a person-herm,transsexual both male or female have or be born with 2 penis? Am old enough to look at such things so no comments. Is it a bad thing? Or you need surgery 2 get 2 of
If someone was born with two penises, which I don't think has happened yet, one wouldn't work. You can't have two places for urine/semen to go.

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