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Girls who wear tight *** pants?
Where can I find pants that are tight, show your butt, and make it look bigger? It's those ones without the butt pockets.
One like this: i174.photobucket.com/albums/w93/s3xyb3lla69/eb66.jpg
Where can I find them and who designs them?
i think you are talking about hardtails and solos.
you can find them at bloomingdales.
Don't you hate seeing girls putting clothes on that are to tight for them?
I'm not trying to be cruel but in my school there's girls who wear tight *** jeans and this one girl at my school looks like she's wearing leggings with some black pants she has. Also this one girl has some white jeans where I could see her undies. That's how tight they were and that when i glance haha btw.
only if they're fat.
Why do girls wear tight jeans?
Why do girls wear tight jeans? every time i see a girl with tight jeans i look at there *** then my girlfriend sometimes catches me and then starts hitting me in the streets and it's embarrassing.
There are many reasons for girls to wear tight and only tight jeans:

1) Nowadays girls dont wear knickers (I dont classify thongs as knickers lol), so jeans act like knickers to them. so they have to be tight.

2) They wear tight jeans to show off their ***, regarding their *** is attractive or not. Some men even dont recognise a good *** from a bad one lol.

3) They like the challenge of pouring themselves into the jeans, which is additional thing to make them take another hour getting ready to go out.

4) To make other girls who dont wear tight jeans feel jealous of them.

5) To get guys like you slapped by their girlfriends.
What is the first thing guys think of when they look at a girls ***?
When a girl is walking past a guy and shes got like skin tight pants or tights on, guys always seem to be looking. So, when they take a good look what is the first image that pops into their mind.
i think... OMG that's hot and stare till she leaves
Why do some muslim girls wear head scarf and wear tight jeans?
i saw a muslim woman wearing hijab and also wearing tight figure hugging jeans,her *** looked well sexy.
i cant understand why some muslim girls wear the muslim hijab and then wear tight jeans showing shape of *** to the max.wearing hijab is to hide sexuality ,and to stop men getting aroused .showing shape of *** is also forbidden for muslim women.
She was running an Ad agency for Allah, and was telling what one could expect from the 72 virgins once he went to heaven.
How do u cover your boners when ur wearing tight *** pants?
i wear tight pants, cause im kinda punk.. any way in english i always pop a ***** from starring at this really hot girl acroos from me and i always gotta put my book bag on my lap to cover it, any suggestions on a less obvious method???
get off your seat, and hunch, pretend you have a bad cough and keep coughing, run to the bathroom and have fun.
White girls with ***!?
I know that an ***(big ***, tight ***, juicy ***) is more commonly seen on black girls & latinas. The ''white girl with ***'' phenomenon has been taking place since the early 2000's. Does anyone believe white girls have latino or black ancestors & this is the reason you see alot more white women with *** these days? I know girls from the Czech Republic, Romania & Serbia have huge asses too. I think white girls with *** are sexy, *** opposed to those with flat asses & no chest! Someone feel me in :-)
What exactly are you asking right now? But yes us Serbs have nice asses ;)
Why do girls play with my heart/mind?
I wish I can control this, but I am always the guy for a friend of mine (who happens to be a girl) to cry on my shoulder. Im always the guy who is there to talk to. Girls know this, and they always seem to play with that.

This has happened to 2 girls before, but more importantly, this one girl. Had a crush on her ever since I met her. Have known her for 3 years, and still crushing on her. She's not even the best looker, big breasted, tight ***, girl... but Im like so attracted to her and love her personality.

We started to get to know eachother really well by hanging out with other friends. This is a long story, so I'll try to bring it down in simple terms. I started to like her more than a friend, she knew this. I felt like she started to like me to. We started to hold hands, we fooled around sexually, and finally kissed once. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said she didnt want to rush and that she had personal problems with her parents thinking about a divorce, etc. About a month goes by, and Im getting the feeling that she doesnt like me anymore. And I said over a text "I wish you would tell me you just wanna be friends, cuz ur sending me mixed signals". She replied saying I JUST want to be friends. So after accepting that, we hung out with our other friends.. I tried being just friends that night and I did..... the next day, her friend sends me on AIM convo between them saying how she thought I was annoying cuz I kept hitting on her and that she doesnt like me like that. I then got extremely pissed off cuz I serious was trying to be just friends so I flipped out on her, and later that night I pulled off a disturbing mental prank on her over texts which she has hated me for, for the past month.

The other day, I guess she forgave me.... and NOW, she is like sending me texts LEFT & RIGHT like she use to when i first fell for her. She just hated me like a week ago? And now she's like asking me what I want for christmas and asking me to talk to her while she was in bed and that she was bored.

Idk. I feel she is just using me as a re-bound. She did/does have a thing for a guy she worked with.. idk anymore. So Im just thinking, well maybe that didn't workout, and she knows I might still like her (I do and I don't) and that she is gonna try to pull me back in to make her feel better about herself, and drop me like a rock. What do you think?
She doesn't know how she feels or wut she wants nd she is wasting your time. Be the bigger person nd move on.
Girls do you wear tight jeans to?
What is the reason girls where tight jeans is it because if feels comterable or do you girls wear them to show your *** off us guys and so we look? Thanks
They look good on me :)

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