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To experienced sexual people, is this pee or *** that i am squirting?
me and my boyfriend have sex a lot. but now he has been trying to get me to ***. he puts this vibrating thing on my clit. and it like tickles a lot and then i "***" but it smells like pee. is this pee or female ejaculation? please help.
There is a spot that if it is stimulated to the point of orgasm, a woman can ejaculate. It has never happened to me, but I have heard of it.
Any ideas on how to curb premature ejaculation? what is the best way to make a woman ***?what is squirting.?
my sex life has been great but lately, i've been cumming in less time that i used to. A friend said it's cos i've been taking in a lot of sweet things. is this true? how can i get my 'mojo' back? before i could go for 40mins to an hour now i can barely last for 5mins. please help. my fiancee might leave me!! also she cums but doesn't squirt. any one to give me squirt 101? help!!!! your answers can save my love life, no will save my love life.
I suggest you and your fiancee read THE ART OF SEXUAL ECSTASY (by Margo Anand) together and do the exercises together. You'll learn a lot and improve the level of your intimacy in every way. It's a beautiful book. You may want to study Tantra to address the concerns you listed.

Here's a link for the book

How do you make a women squirt *** ?
I've seen it in videos but I want to see it live!
Wow, it's really sad that only 1 of the 5 women who answered this question had any idea what she was talking about. However, not too surprising that the one guy who answered didn't have a clue either.

Squirting, aka "female ejaculation" is not urine. There have been many scientific studies to confirm that there is no urea present in it. The composition is actually very similar to male ejaculate It is a build up of fluid in the Skene’s Glands around the urethra. It continues to build with sexual activity especially g-spot stimulation.

To get to the g-spot slide your fingers in after she's worked up and point them up toward "11 o'clock." Hook them slightly and draw them toward you. You shouold feel a small patch thats a little rougher than the surrounding tissue. Thats the g-spot. Your lady should be able to tell you when you've hit it. She may feel a similar sensation to having to pee, but that's normal. There are several different ways to stimulate the g-spot: press and release (think doorbell), massage, circles, strokes, etc.

Though some, like Axel Braun, who gave squirting it's pornographic popularity, say that any woman can be made to squirt, but it takes work from everyone involved. Check out the link below for instructions for you and her on how to make it happen.

My ex-girlfriend used to do it and it's fun but it can get messy so be prepared. Personally, my favorite way to stimulate the g-spot during sex is to push her legs together in the missionary position, hug them together with your arms right below her knees and lean back while thrusting. I discovered this by accident, but it's an immediate hit. One girl described it as an "instant orgasm."
I want to have a squirting orgasm, how do I do it?
Im always having to fake it, and my boyfriend kinda knows kinda doesnt. He thinks squirting is super hot. How can I *** and squirt?
This is something that can be taught to others. I know this from experience teaching others how to make their wife and girlfriends squirt. I do it with my fingers and can do it every time. in fact I can do it multiple times in a row. OK so let me try to explain this. I get on the side of her while she is laying on her back. i use my right hand and cup my two middle fingers that are between my pinky and pointer finger. I insert my fingers inside and use my left hand to feel for my fingers that are inside. inside of her my fingers are pointing upwards about 1.5-2 inches deep. I start off slow pulling my hand in a upwards motion feeling for my fingers to hit my hand that is on the outside of her. I then go faster and faster and bam.. happens every time. the fastest I have made my girl squirt from start to finish is under 30 sec. Hope this helps.. she loves it and so do i. one thing to point out is I usually do this after we already have sex and I make her ***. the reason for this is because the squirting isn't a good lube.. trust me on this one.
When having sex with a girl with a condom on, when a guy pulls our randomly, can their be white *** from girl?
Basically, what I'm asking is can a girl emit white *** from her vagina? When I pulled out the condom wasn't broken, but I noticed a splotch of white *** on the tip of my penis..is it possible for girls to ***? I don't mean squirt because squirting is clear fluid. This was just a small white splotch.
I can see possible explanations:

1) The condom had a tiny hole you couldn't see
2) She's got an infection
3) You got some sloppy seconds, after a creampie, nonetheless.
Make your *** squirt out?
I've noticed that when i *** it doesn't shoot out it just comes out not squirting just drizzles out.
I am guessing you've been watching porn and noticed how far the men seem to ****. These men are hired for this ability which is why it appears like every man is capable of this.

Anyway, to actually answer your question, some men shoot out and some men drizzle. Unless you have an incredibly intense orgasm, you will always just drizzle. I've been masturbating for the past 15 years and have only been able to drizzle no matter how hard I try to actually push it out to shoot.
Whats the difference between a girl squirting and cumming ?
Im trying to be serious here and not that dirty and want serious answers, maybe from experience to.
I know when a girl squirts it comes out from where you have sex, the vagina opening. but i heard girls can *** to like boys out there urethra ?
Is this like when a male ejaculates ?
If a guy can make you *** just by telling you what he will do sexually to you..wil he be gud in bed?
I have made many girls *** and even squirt just by telling them what i will do to the sexually,,but im still a virgin do you think i will be good in bed?


Are there any health issues when you squirt ***?? just wondering.........?
well, i was just wondering if there were any health concerns/issues when you squirt ***. i need to know, because my friend did it, and her lower stomach hurt for a long time. i know this question is wierd, but i reallly need to know.
no.. such issues are rare.. but there will be little fluid loss.. so Fruit juices or drinks like Gatorade should be taken after squirting..
How do I squirt when I ***?
I want to squirt when i *** but i have no idea how to do it. i want to so bad.. How do i do this? PLEASE help me i am so confused
Try g-spot stimulation...

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