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How to look/act like a typical spanish teen girl?
I'm doing a video for entertainment purposes and laughs, and I was wondering how I can look as spanish as possible. I am playing a spanish girl thats a teen. I already have a nice tan, but as far as makeup, hair, clothes, things they say alot, and slang words that they use that are in spanish. Thanks xD And the video is about race stereotypes, and its making fun of every race! I'm not racist in any way.
Just shower daily, wear fashionable clothes, be clever and smile a lot.
Does anyone know any spanish teen chats?
I don't know how to find any that are strictly spanish and talking about sex the whole time.
Know of any Spanish teen magazines?
I need to know a few teen magazines from Spain for my Spanish project. Could you give me some names?
From Spain (not latin america, or at least, I'm not sure) there are some teen magazines like "LOKA MAGAZINE", "RAGAZZA" and "VALE" (oriented to girls). While for boys there are not a so-called teen magazine, but some music and other topic magazines like "REVISTA 40", "ROLLING STONE" and many more could be on the list.
Do you know of a good summer teen spanish leanrning camp in mexico?
I want to learn more about the language and you know of a good legit one?
search for TEC is the largest private university in Mexico, they have a camp named "borregos"
What is a cute quote for a teen girl in Spanish?
I need a really cute quote for a teen girl but it has to be in spanish and its translation in english please! thanks!!!
No me hablas asi, yo soy una diosa!!!
(Don't talk to me, I am a goddess!!)
Does anyone know any TEEN spanish dramas?
I've been learning Spanish at school but i'd like to improve it and become fluent in it, could anyone tell me any fun teen spanish shows i can watch ONLINE for FREE please?

isa, TKM is one of my favorites =]
they actually play the show on MTV Tr3s if you have that channel and they give it with english subtitles. You can also find some episodes on youtube, that's what i do.
What is the average diet of a Spanish teen?
Please Elaborate
healthier than that of an American teen
Any Spanish Teen singers?
I dont know any young spanish teen singers that are popular amongst spanish teens. Im an american spanish teen but dont know any teen singers, i want teen singers. Like spainard teens or S.America like my familys origin.
shakira? shes not a teen but shes probly popular among teens
Teen volunteering opertunities in spanish-speaking countries?

I've been researching for a few hours looking for non-profit organizations that need volunteers internationally. I would like to travel to a spanish-speaking country to work with street guyren, orphans, under-privelaged youth, schools, or anything of the sort.

While I have found some good organizations, they are either way too expensive for volunteer work ($2,000 for two weeks??) or do not offer programs for 16+ (it's usually 18)

Anyone who has experience, knows of a volunteer organization, or just has suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks a bunch!
Tu hablas español, ¿sí? Porque, esto es fundamental para un trabajo en un pais donde las personas hablan español. Mis habilidades español no son adecuadas para tal trabajo, obviamente.

At your age, and without extensive expertise in working with street guyren, orphans, etc., you are going to have to pay a hefty fee for your short-term volunteering experience, which will pay for at least your in-country transportation, staff to supervise you and ensure the safety of the guyren with whom you would work, training, security, and accommodation. You also will need to have travel insurance and pay for your own travel to and from the country.

There is a listing of the more-than-30 member organizations of the International Volunteers Program Association (IVPA) that is a good place to find reputable volunteer-for-a-fee programs -- programs for unskilled volunteers, and the placements are just for a few weeks or months:

Here is a web site that can help you learn more about the skills and experience desired by long-term placement organizations that don't charge for volunteering, and how you can gain that experience locally, wherever you are right *now*, no matter your age.…
Is their loads of Spanish teen girls in Majorca(balleric Islands)?
Alri so Im 15, heading off to Majorca for holidays in June.....i think? Ive always had this passion for Spanish girls haha (no perv) And im just wandering is their lots eof nspoanish teen girls the ihrt biecuswe i d etfeingat leaynn aw

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