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Gay men: What turns you on more, body hair or shaved?
I prefer men with hair and studies show women like shaved men. I am curious what the rest of the gay community thinks.
Depends on where the hair is! I like a tiny bit of body hair, such as the chest and I love the line going down to their, ahem crotch, as long as its not too thick. Leg hair is basically no big deal to me, they could either have a whole forest on their legs or have them shaved off like a Nivea commercial. Back hair is a no, pubes don’t matter, only if they’re not a monster bushes that eats small guyren, so trimmed is okay not completely shaven though, its a bit creepy. Arm hair and underarm hair don't matter to me. Facial hair is sexy no matter what, and last but not least, a** hair, which to me is never a turn on and I kinda don't like it. But I actually don't care, the above that I explained was just what I like, but if my man wants hair wherever he wants hair its his business, I'm not gonna tell him to shave. So it doesn't matter, but what I explained would just be the icing on the already incredible cake. =]
If beard is sunnah,why clean-shaved men look more handsome and attractive?
Also i have heard that in paradise,men will be clean-shaved like boys.
Some interesting observations - beard makes a man, beard makes man look manly. It speaks poorly of muslim men who would look feminine without a beard.

At least they did not say that beard makes a muslim.
Do women liked shaved men or bearded men better?
I've had a beard for most all my life. I've shaved a couple of times in the last 5 years or so, but just don't like the look, feel and the hassal of shaving everyday.

But if I knew that women really like shaved men MUCH better, well than, it would be worth it. Tell me ladies, what do you prefer?
i pefer guys without beards. personaly i don't think it would b fun 2 kiss a guy with a beard. if u like ur beard keep it though. u will find a girl tht likes them. believe me u will
What do women think of bald/shaved men in their 20s?
Hey im 20 and always had shaggy hair.

However now im starting to recede but it is hardly noticeable......but obviously one day i will have to change my hair style and most likely shave it off

Just wondering what women in their 20's think of receding/shaved/bald men?

I have never had a problem getting attractive women...but i think shaving it all off and relieving that im receding will kill my attraction
yanno what i dont think they would care to say the least aslong as your a decent person
Do Asian or Japanese men shaved his below?
Do Asian or Japanese men shaved his below nowadays?

This question hopefully able to answer by asian men or japanese men.

Please answer each both questions

To Asian men.
1) If you are swimming/bath during changing,you see some one shaved his below.How you feel?
2) What is your view?

To Asianwomen
1) If you found out,your love one below is shaved.How will you feel?
Im the woman & I would rather have no hair than hair(=
Why do girls like completely shaved men?
I mean, I don't really understand. It seems more and more often that I get girls who think my legs and arms and chest are "gross" because I don't shave them. I mean, I keep in shape, I trim "down there", and my leg/arm/chest hair isn't wild or anything, it's not like it sticks out, it's just natural. What kind of girl wants a girly little man that has to shave his entire body every day? It's so feminine. What happened to women liking REAL men?
I'm with you on that one. It is way way way too feminine for men to shave their body. Keep in mind, though: a lot of girls are into guys who wear MAKE UP and straighten their HAIR. And wear girly clothing. It's just ridiculous. Don't worry. There are girls like me who are interested in real men.

Honestly, I'm not even a fan of men who 'trim down there', even. I don't know. It's more attractive for a man to just be natural. I know it's kind of sexist for me to seems like it's a girl's job to be smooth, a man's job to not be haha.
Balding or Shaved Men: What type of razor do you use to shave your head?
I shave my head often with cheap disposable, single-blade razors. Sometimes it leaves red marks. Is there a better razor for shaving a head? Do any of you use triple or quatro blade razors to shave head? Thanks Bald dudes.
Two blade works fine.
Are there some men in locker rooms who have shaved pubes?
I never take showers at locker rooms, so I don't know. For those of you that go to the gym and takes showers at men's locker rooms, do you see any men with shaved pubes?

The reason I ask is because I'm just curious how many men today are shaving. I'm wondering how much of trend it is with males.
Yeah some guys do that. Its not unusual at all. Its a personal thing. Im 15 and I keep mine shaved everyday.
How do you like your Men shaved, natural or trimmed?
Ok women how do you like your men. Do you like them to be Shaved (no hairs what so ever) Trimed (Meaning very very short hairs less than 1/2cm) or All Natural (no doctoring at all). Also if thought I was talking about someones Hair Cut on their HEAD DONT ANSWER THIS QUESTION.
I think a lttlie trim could be good, it might result in more willing ladies - they're not the tastiest of treats!!
What do you think about men with shaved legs?
Should it only be for men in athletics?
Your opinion on men's shaved legs?
Only for certain men? or none at all?

Q2: What is your age?
I think they look a lot better but the stereotype "oh hes so gay, he shaves his legs" kind of makes it a no no..
unless your in sports, yes.
im 15

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