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How Can I Make A Sexy Teen Girl Room?
Okay. So i am 13 as of 5 days now:). And i was wondering how i could add to the room theme. The theme is: Red, Black, and White. I wanted it to be really elegant and gorgous. How could i do that? what should it look like? Thanks:)).
Here are some ideas from teenVOGUE. I love teenVOGUE's "A room of my own" areas in their magazine:……

Good luck :)
What is the best way to get cute, sexy teen girls to like you?
I met a cut, sexy teen girl before but she left and went back home.
Please help me!!
well first of all it depends on how freakin old you are...if you are older than 25.. you are a major creeper!!!!
but since you asked, be funny, goofy, but mature, and charming, presents work too
How can a teen girl dress sexy and nice without looking slutty?
What should I wear to look nicer and more appealing? without looking slutty or desperate
well you can find a miss america dress! at shop lacasa they have really sexy dress
p.s. i hope three no to expinve for you! sorry
Is Calvin Klein underwear on a teen boy sexy to a teen girl?
What is sexier Boxers, Boxer Briefs,or Boxer Trunks. Can you put X underwear in dryer and a washer my washer and dryer are kind of ruff as all newer dryers and washers are. What settings would someone recommend for both washer and dryer?
boxer briefs (:
& yes, the settings you use on your other clothes should be fine
Where can i find pictures of sexy teen girls doing a sexy pose?
i love pictures of teen girls doing a sexy pose and i am looking for a website or something ..don't waste your time and write something stupid
Yahoo Answers.

Cute/sexy teen girl costume ideas?!?!?
so there's a dance at my school to kick off the school year and you can dress up however you want. my friends and i want to do something cute/sexy like a cop costume, but we want it to be unique. like no cop, conductor, firefighter, anything like that. we want it to be something that nobody else will think of, and we don't mind making it ourselves!!! any ideas?
p.s. we don't want playboy bunny or anything skanky. :)
thanks for the help!
Hi dear
Some sexy Halloween costumes ideas for u.……
What is an original teen girl costume that is sexy sweet?
I want a costume for a party (kind of like halloween) that isnt the regular witch, vampire, or cat..
I want a costume that I dont need to buy in a store
One way to do this is to start with some cool piece of clothing and create a costume around it.
Let's say you have a spectacular waist cincher or corset piece. What can you do with it?

Here are some general costume ideas:
- Doll, marionette doll
- Peter Pan
- Storybook character: Heidi, Rapunzel, Cinderella, etc.
- Lederhosen for girls
I need a cute Halloween costume for a teen girl thats not super sexy but is still cute?
I want something cute not scary such as minnie mouse,little red riding hood, dorothy, and anything else you cna think of
if u can either tell me how to make it or where to buy it for less than 35 dollars tahtd be great.
Please look cute teen halloween costume at Amazon.…

Hope this help.

Good Luck.
What's a sexy halloween costume, for a teen girl?
I don't want to look slutty, im going to a party, not trick or treating.
vamp-look is sexy, but roadkill. or the she-devil.
What are some original teen girl costumes that are a sexy sweet?
I want a costume for a costume party (kind of like halloween) thats not a typical costume like a witch, cat, and something that I dont need to buy.
sexy school girl, white angel, dark angel,
pirate, gangster, red riding hood,

©, sexy teen girl