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Is it a crime to show a private sex video to others without the other party's knowledge?
If a sex offender (male) and a female made a consensual supposed private sex video -- both adults --- is it a crime to allow other people view the tape without the females consent?
No its not a crime. Since it was consensual tape... BUT it can be if the girls face is shown in the tape. That could affect her privacy,and there is a law for protecting the identity and probably her Human Rights. . If she aggrees to show the tape then thats fine..BUT morally u shouldnt show the tape to others. (i can look deeper for that matter if you want to)
How do I get a sex video of my girlfriend deleted from the internet?
My girlfriends mental ex boyfriend posted a sex video of her up on the internet to get revenge. it was through a file sharing website, how do I go about getting it permanently deleted?,, And can I take legal action?,,,,,
If you know it was him you can get legal actions but she must be the one to do this. She must contact a lawyer if she wants to get $ for this as well.
If she goes straight to the police department and files a report she will only get him cited and the cops win $ and your just there and the file might not get erased. This is a good way to earn around 10 thousand dollars. And the lawyer might do it free if he gets 1,000 but once you get paid so no pay until you win the case. Good Luck Man! I hate people that can't leave ex's alone. Just dumb!
Where can I upload my sex video for free?
I want to upload my sex video online somewhere but, for free. I want as many people on the world to see it.
Thank you.
send it to me, i know a ton of sites.
How to lock the internet sex video so that anyone will not be able to go to sex video ?
I found one of my family view the sex video . Oh , its not good for a student to watch it . Can anyone tell me how to lock the sex video in internet ?
Just block the website.
Is it natural for couples to watch sex video?
Is it natural for couples to watch sex video? I ask this because I see parents telling their guyren that's bad.
How do you define "natural"? It's becomming more and more acceptable, but of course it's going to vary greatly by individual, and therefore by couple. And yes, of course parents are going to tell guys its bad -- they say the same thing about drinking, don't they?
How would you react if you found a sex video of your BF's Ex when he was 15 when he is 28 now?
He says they are memories but its a video of him when he was 15 with a 14 year old girl, it gets me sick because it is guy porn to me, is this a big deal or am I freaking out over nothing? I am 26 years old and to see a 14 year old having sex is disturbing to me.
It is guy porn even if the people are now adults. The video needs to be destroyed. NOW!

Age irrelevant, all naughty pictures and videos should be destroyed when the relationship is over.
Is it normal to start watching a sex video but not finish it?
When i feel aroused i start to watch a sex video but when im not aroused anymore i don't finish it. is that normal?
Haha, it's the opposite for me. I fast forward it to the dirtiest bit then finish it :P you just skip when you've had enough or are finding it boring :P it's no issue xD
My wife is dying to see Tiger woods sex video, anyone knows when it will be out ?
She doesn't allows me to have sex with her unless she sees the tiger woods sex video. is it out and if not when it will be ?
your wife sounds like a b@tch
Where can I upload my sex video?
I want to post my sex video online for free.
Any ideas? I want everyone and anyone to see it.
on your moms facebook page.
Is it illegal to put a sex video on youtube or facebook?
I recently broke up with my husband, and he threaten me and told me that he funna put on youtube and facebook a video of me and him having sex. So i wanted to know if he do it can he get arrested for it? what can i do if he do it for real.. help
go to the police and make a report, it's harrasment and thettening if he's saying he's going to do that.

it's against youtube and facebook policy to put any such video's on there. they will be deleted when someone reports them, but once on there who knows who will have it, once on the internet, it's usually around forever.

so go to the police and make a report, get something done about it before it's too late. once it's on the internet, they cant do anything as it can possibly go all over the place, and they need time to contact the relevent sites to get the content removed, and information collected.

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