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How can I tell my mom I want to wear panty liners?
Well I dont' have my period yet, but I have discharge and sometimes I feel really wet down there and when I get changed it looks like I have wet myself! I have asked my mom before if she could by me some panty liners but she said No that I don't need them. But I would like to wear them so how do I ask her again to make her undertsand?
I think you need to tell her again that you really do need them, chances are you'll be getting periods soon as this is happening.

I honestly caan't see any reason why she'd say no except disliking that you're growing up. But there's a different between dressing older than you are and legitimatly needing something, she needs to see that you're growing up but you can't help this one!

Worse comes to worse I'd buy my own or get a female relative or someone to get me some, I wouldn't go through that because my mum decided that I didn't need something. Unless she's checking your underwear everyday how would she know?

They're not a neccessity, but you're a teenager, you have enough to feel uncomfortable about without this being added to it when it doesn't have to.

Perhaps you should show her this question and the answers, maybe then she'll understand that her little girl is growing up and needs the support of her mum who went through the same thing at that age.

As a last resort I'd say go to your dad, but he will probably go bright red, stutter and act silly for a while. Bless them, they try. Of course in that instance go with him because he'll buy the wrong thing out of sheer panic!
What is the best underwear to wear underneath a stocking( No built in panty)?
Well, i wear stockings a lot and sometimes, when i walk or bend down, you can see the panty line there. What underwear is the best to wear under a stocking? Which do you wear and prefer? Why?
i like victorias secret, they dont have much vpl (visible panty line). if you want absolutely no vpl, then i would get a thong cause you cant have a panty line if nothing's there to make one. haha
What underwear can i wear that have no panty line?
what underwear can i wear that have no panty lines? other than thongs. and wear can i buy the underwear with no panty lines? i also 12 years old.
They have seamless underwear in many colors at victoria's secret. they shouldnt have panty lines and they actually cover your butt
What's the difference between panty hose, stockings, leggings and tights?
My girlfriend recently asked me which I prefer, and I realized I have no idea what the differences are. Could somebody explain?
Well Panty hose and tights are similar but tights tend to be thicker, and leggings dont go all the way down and are more like pants, like this…
What is the best brand of everyday use, and fashion, panty hose?
Im a male who loves to dress up as a female, I normally buy hosiery, from walmart. I am looking for the bst all around usage pantyhose.... not the cheapo ones but inexpensive durable and lasting hose. Is JC Penney a good source/ any suggestions. I like the shimmery look and also no glare too. I just want to find the best all around good quality hose for the best possible buy.
OK here !!!
Jc penney
and nordstroms have the most fabulous sexiest panty hose!!!! if you are a fashionable person!!! which are not cheap
and great textures!!!! and really comftys panty hose aren't that durable but whenever i buy sum
it will last me like 2 months or mother
highly recommend it
good luck!
Do lowrise bikinis from victorias secret hide panty lines?
everyone says that thongs hide panty lines but there SO uncomfrortable with jeans, i like then with sweats and sum skirts though. Doesnt a lowrise bikini style also hide a panty line cuz my friend said that no line shows and thats what we both wear.
They have panties that are made for hiding lines at VS. I think they have no seams. Low rise just means it doesn't stick out of your pants when you wear low rise jeans. They are very helpful in that store. Just go ask.
Whats the difference between panty liners and pads?
i always thought panty liners were pads, untill i discovered how thin they were. there is just no way in my mind that a panty liner could absorb a period. well maybe 15mins of it. its so thin, im referring to 'carefree barely there'
are panty liners just for discharge and stuff? if it is then how are u ment to know when your vagina will discharge at all? or do people wear them everyday of their lives?
Pads are intended to absorb menstrual flow and are thicker than liners. Liners are basically to prevent your underwear from getting stained.

A liner is for discharge and spotting, say breakthrough bleeding, post ovulation discharge, something to have when you're out and your period is about to start but you're not sure when, as a back up if you use tampons, and when you're finishing up on your period.

And yes, some girls do wear liners every day. I don't personally, just some days as indicated above.
What is the kotex panty challenge and how does it work?
umm.. i was just wondering if they sent you the stuff or u had to buy it..\
no mean answers please!
buy it lol
Why do some men like panty pooping vidoes?
Rcenetly saw some on the history of the laptop, and am a bit concerned about what my bf watches, I'm no prude but I'm just trying to understand it. Any ideas?
This fetish/fantasy is more common than you think. Some men enjoy it and get turned on by the thought and sight of a woman using the bathroom on herself. It's really not much different than a man or woman who enjoys a golden shower. It's just another harmless fetish and fantasy that some people enjoy and triggers their sexual appetite.

I honestly could not tell you why however considering there are many factors that possibly play into what triggers a person's sexuality. It could be an experience in earlier in his life that caused him to get turned on by it for all anyone knows.
I don't no what panty liners can you find them in convenient stores?
Also are they soled in Australia.
Are you asking what are panty liners and wear can you buy them.
I would imagine that every country would sell panty liners. panty liners are like lighter pad for every day discharge. You would put them in your underwear in the same manner as you would place a pad. They are very useful, especially for the week before your period where normal discharge may increase.
I wouldn't say they are sold in all convenience stores, it depends on the nature of the convenience store. In America they are sold in the women's hygeine section of grocery stores and in CVS.

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