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Do most women wear micro bikinis to feel sexy in public or because they are comfortable to wear?
I have noticed more thongs & micro bikinis on the beaches of New York & New Jersey last summer.
I like them because they make feel sexy and i like the feel of being nearly naked
Do any women actually wear micro bikinis ?
I'm curious to know if they do? The one's that are basically just a piece of string. I've seen small bikinis but never like the ones on tv yesterday.
Yeah. hehehehe. B*tt floss.
Do women really wear micro bikinis in public?
I found this site with photos of women wearing micro bikinis and I started to wonder if anyone really wears these things in public.

Have you every seen a woman wearing a micro bikini in public? Where?

Here's the site for your reference: tinymicrobikini.blogspot.com/
I actually bought one from wicked weasel. It's yellow and when it gets wet you can see through it. The thing is that i've never actually worn it. I bought it as a dare and hopefully someday I'll have the guts to put it on.
Where in London can you buy micro brazilian style bikinis?
I really want on for sunbathing but I'm going away really soon so I want to go into a shop and buy one so I don't risk it coming to late
Here: www.eshopnamebrand.com
Found a cool forum for micro bikinis, what ya think?
Stumbled on a cool little forum for fans of micro bikinis and sexy swimwear. What do ya'll think?

I could neve be comfortable in something that skimpy.
How to select micro bikini for big boobs?
I m having big boobs and butts.My fiance wants me to wear micro bikini at first night.How to select micro bikini for me?Whether micro bikini can support big boobs?Whether boobs will become saggy if I use that?
Best bet is wickedweasel.com. Expect extremely tiny suits and don't worry about support.
What is the difrence between a brazilian or micro bikini?
i have a couple micro bikini's but like the brazilians also.
Here are brazilian mini bikinis (I chose mini because it seemed to give the fairest comparison to a regular micro) www.the-bikini.com/galleries-micr…
And these are a regular micro bikini www.the-bikini.com/galleries-micr…
It's fairly easy to spot the differences.

Email me if you want to talk swimsuits! I love it!!
And What About Thong or Micro Bikinis?
And a follow up question; Why do girls enjoy wearing Thong or next to nothing Bikinis? When I was younger, we could not have PAID girls to wear these, but now they are almost the norm!! Again, I'm not complaining!! but I'm interested in the change of "social perspectives" that makes girls do things that they never once did! It's like a guys fantasy coming true, I'm just too old to enjoy it!!
It's an eye catching way to get attention. It pleases the woman because she feels sexy and powerful. And it pleases the guy because a thong/micro bikini is eye candy to treasure and behold (i live eight miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Metro NY so I've seen it all). It's a win-win situation. To answer your social perspective question, my best guess, would be woman have become bolder as they gained and experienced more financial power and freedom.
Tell me some ways that my husband can chill and let me wear sexy bikinis?
Me and my husband are going on a cruise soon and I bought myself 2 sexy bikinis from www.lookswimwear.com . I cannot wait to get them and am looking forward to wearing them out and about. But, he can get a little weird with me wanting to show off and have fun. Do any of you have any advice on what I can say to him or mention so he can enjoy me having fun?

Oh, I bought these two :)
You know even though it's sexy and your husband is a little bothered by you wearing it he should feel proud to have a woman who can flaunt that kind of stuff. My boyfriend thinks its flattering when other men check me out cause he sees it as a compliment to him. Kind of like "yeah she's MY WOMAN!" haha so just tell him he's lucky you can wear things like that...and as always "the other men man look - but who says they can touch!?!"

all these women saying you need to show respect to your husband don't know what they're talking about. it's a bathing suit!! who wants to wear a ONE PIECE! bathing suits are meant to be cute! nothings wrong with showing off and having fun - if you got it flaunt it!

hope this helps :)

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