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What kind of effect do I need for Death metal / Hardcore?
What kind of equipment do I need to produce the deathcore sound??

Additionally, what kind of strings should I try out for this style?? I think I have the hang of tuning down. Please list brand, kind, and gauge in the response.

I have a Macbook which has garageband installed on it. Does it have guitar effects I could use to achieve the effects I need?? What kind of cable do I need to achieve this, if possible?
Death Metal / Hardcore comes from your fingers and how you write songs.

Your guitar should have humbuckers but the brand and style of guitar doesn't determine if you can play the genre. In america Ibanez is the guitar of choice. European metal is more classic with Gibson, but you can play on whatever is comfortable to you. Your amp will give you more of that metal sound anyway.

Tube amps are the way too go. They produce a much richer, thicker sound you'll need for metal. Plus they don't loose clarity at high volumes. However these can be very expensive.

Some good brands of Tube Amps are Krank, Engl, and Peavey.

If you need something a bit more affordable you'll need a decent solid state amp like a Peavey xxl or a Ibanez.

I like Ernie Ball Power Slinky's because I play European style stuff, but if your into american metal your going to need thicker a thicker gage.
What would you label those guys at hardcore shows?
I hate labeling people as scene or indie or whatever. but in your option what would you label the guys that wear cut off jeans, vans, have gauges and big tee shirts and stuff that love to mosh&harcore, screamo and meta music.

im not a labeler:)
i just want to know, they have the best style
ps,don't say fagsss
It's not very crazy, are you ready????

Hardcore Kids.

That's it. Have fun.
What gauge guitar strings should i use if...?
im playing hardcore. not lame hardcore, like the devil wears prada, but good hardcore like floorpunch, trash talk, have heart, that stuff.
Well im not familiar with them, and it depends on what you tune to I suggest 10 or 11 gauge for standard, 12's for D, 13's for C
I want to get my ears to at least 2 gauge...maybe 0. I asked my piercer what the fastest way would be....?
He said pierce with 6 gauge (******* OUCH). Start stretching after about 4-6 weeks. Going 1 gauge every two weeks. I really don't want to pierce with 6 gauge because A.) it will bleed hardcore...and B.) Sounds really painful.

Give me some other ways/ideas to get this done. Yeah I know no pain no gain.
My ears are stretched to 1 5/8 currently. Its taken me about 2 years to get to this point. Honestly, I would wait and see what your body says. I get what you're saying about the "no pain no gain" thing...but its actually not supposed to hurt. If it hurts, you're going to fast. You can risk a blowout which is REALLY painful. I wouldnt rely on the "1 gauge every two weeks" thing either. That was bad advice on their part. You might be ready before that, but if you arent, don't push it. I know its frustrating to wait, but its worth it when you have healthy thick large lobes.

BTW...piercing with a 6g isnt so bad. My inner conch's were pierced at 8g.

You might want to look into dermal punching too. Its where they use an instrument that was originally used to take skin biopsy's and take a piece of skin out to make the hole (like a cookie cutter). It helps you stretch faster.
I am new to the guitar but want to play hardcore/metal, like Sworn Enemy.?
I need some help. I want to play music that sounds like Sworn Enemy, Full Blown Chaos, Hatebreed etc. Can somebody tell me what strings to use? I need brand, gauge, type. I have been told that D'addario XL medium top heavy bottom would be good. any ideas?
Yeah, use Ernie Ball Light Top Heavy Bottom, thats 52, 42, 36, 22, 12, 9
New songs to hardcore bump to?
So, i have two 15" kicker L7's hooked up to a 4000 2 channel watt amp. powered by 0 gauge wiring. i love to bump, hard. im getting sick of my songs and can't find any real hardcore bass songs. any newer songs that have some window-flexing bass? serious comments only.…
all these have been remixed for more bass.
Recommended Size/Gauge Guitar Strings?
Okay so Ive gotten into the hardcore screamo genre of rock. So i was wondering what gauge you would recommend me. I also play alot of higher up tuning stuff like Incubus and Green Day, you know, Standard tuning stuff. Ive begun to play bands like A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon etc... So should i go for 10-46 gauge or 11-54? I use Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings so i guess the Regular Slinky or the Beefy Slinky? Thanks!
10-46 string sets are pretty much suitable for most playing. Remember that if you change your string gauge, you will need to get your guitar set up for it, or your intonation and string to fret ratio will be off.

Car audio capaciter and gauge size for Subs and amp?
I just upgraded from a 800w amp and 1 12'' kenwood to a 1600w amp and 2 1200w infiniti 12's. RMS is 300w for the subs, not sure for the amp.

Anyways, I don't listen too much rap, more of hardcore, metal, whatever you want to call it. But basically theres lots of the double bass pedal in the music, which causes the sub to 'hit' alot more than just rap (think of a machine gun). Not much long sustained bass like rap but more just rapid hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit.

I didn't have a capacitor on my last setup, but now since I'm pushing twice the power, should I get a 2 farad capacitor to help with the bass hits?

Also what gauge wire do you guys think I should run with the amp, I've got 4 gauge right now and it seems to work fine?
well they say that each farad is supposed to handle 1000watts,(although i never liked caps much, a deep cycle battery is best, but for metal a cap is good because they only supply a short burst of powere which is good for the double bass) as for the wire, 4 ga is more then enough for a 2 farad cap.
Should i gauge/pierce my ears? especialy ladies, what do u think?
I want to gauge (smaller size, maybe 8s.just want to be able to have small tunnel plugs) or pierce my ears,but i'm not sure it would look amazing or retarded.check out this picture and let me know what u think (its a marker haha)…

by the way i skate, wear skinny jeans and listen to hardcore music (screamo)
ew no, gauges are gross!! don't even bother peircing them either.

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