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Where can I download Teen Titans episodes for free?
I am going to make a trailer for teen titans and I need to download the episodes that I want. I nee it to support WMM.
Go to
Where can i watch the movie American Teen online for free?
Not a link for the trailer the actual movie from sundance films, and in good quality thanks!
This website is a great website I found when searching offers you best quality for your speed and also you can download the movie to your HD
Where can i watch the actual documentary American Teen on-line? Not The secret like of an american teenager!
I want to watch the movie online and for free. I've seen the trailer like three million times, so please dont send me any links with the trailer, thanks. Oh yea and i live in the States if that has anything to do with anything .haha. Thank you
i cant help you (sorry)
but i love the secret life of the american teenager, its awesome
Why does Mississippi have the highest teen prenancy rate?
Doubt it was a one year "blip"…

A. Is it because the home schooled trailer people there are too stupid to use a condom ?

B. Is it because God loves Mississippi so much he converted a bunch of homosexual to becoming straight all aat once?

C. Is it because God wants a good excuse to unleash another hurricane on the hellbound sinners in Mississippi?

D. They're so poor they can't afford video games and finding something else to do for fun?

E. All of the above

F. None of the above (feel free to state another reason).
F. The article tells you why.

"The three states have large proportions of black and Hispanic teenagers — groups that traditionally have higher birth rates, experts noted."
For my PV-GS15 camcorder, what kind of cheap external mic. would be best and cheap with good quality?
I have my PV-GS15 camcorder and the sound quality isn't very good with the built in micophone, so i was wondering if anyone could give a suggestions of a microphone that can be used on our camcorder, and would improve our sound quality. We are 14-15 year old teens making nice amatuer movies/trailers/fims with a low budget. So far, we have 9 videos posted on 'YouTube' and are doing great. If anyone could possible give tips on our filming interest, that would be great! Feel free to contact my email anytime. Our videos:
Lol. Very creative and funny stuff. Loved the junior thug "jumping" out the window (slithering?). You guys should be encouraged in filmmaking , no matter what the authorities say...

Anyway, this is my first recommendation: Get the microphone totally off the camera and onto a boom pole (can be improvised) being held by a semi-intelligent human being who can place it in the best spot for sound capture without ruining your shots (can't be improvised). Even if you have to buy a cheap mic you will hear a big difference if you can target your sound source rather than simply placing a mic (even an expensive one) on the top of the camcorder and hoping for the best.

You are already working at a considerable audio disadvantage with the PV-GS15 because, like most all consumer-grade camcorders, it has a non-defeatable audio AGC (automatic gain control). In effect, you have an unintelligent machine operator inside the camcorder who tweaks the record levels continuously as you go. It's a good thing that he works for free because sometimes he really stinks. But if you know he's there you can usually work around him by making sure there are no sudden loud sounds or long silences to cause him to wake up and turn the knobs up or down unexpectedly while you're recording.

As far as a mic goes, it will depend on your budget. Assuming that it's a tiny one, I would recommend that you get an APEX175 Shotgun Condenser mic. It is a balanced low-impedance mic (less pickup of external interference), has a pro-type xlr connector (can be used with all kinds of equipment, not just a camcorder), has a super-cardioid pickup pattern (very directional - rejects sounds from the back and sides), is a condensor type (very wide frequency response), and will work on phantom or battery powered (in phantom mode the mixer supplies the power through the mic cable). And best of all it can be had for about $80. The only thing it doesn't have is a low-cut filter to better reduce noise for dialog capture. Spend a couple of hundred more for a Sennheiser and you can get that feature too. Anyway, search the web by this model for vendors or buy it through eBay.

You will also need a way to get the audio from the mic into your camcorder's microphone jack. First you will need a low impedance mic cable long enough to go from the end of the boom pole to your camera positions. Then you can either buy an XLR to 1/8" stereo mini adapter or you can have one made.

If you have an adapter made I would recommend that you have it made in a balanced differential configuration so you can use audio editing software to further reduce noise in the editing process. If you need to know how to do this you can email me and I will explain it to a techie with soldering skills.

You will also need to obtain a boom pole (can be improvised), a shock mount (can be improvised), and a wind screen (can be improvised).

A word of caution! Be sure to make every effort to assure that no person or dangerous thing (moving car, pedestrian, power line, etc) comes into contact with the microphone cable while it is plugged into the camcorder. You can very suddenly and easily rip the side of your camcorder off, pull it into a pond, pull the camera operator off a ladder, roof, etc. to very tragic consequences if you do not be exceedingly careful.

To prevent this type of thing you should ALWAYS have at least one conscientious person (assistant camera or production assistant) who is responsible for keeping an eye out for possible tragedies while everyone else is concentrating on acting and shooting.

Check the links below for eBay sources and feel free to email if you need more assistance.

Good luck!
Criminal trespassing in Texas?
*Okay, well I have another yahoo answers account but this is so stupid I don't want it linked to my current one*

My teen sister met a guy at work. They've been talking. He said he lived in an apartment across the street from a club down the street from my parents' house. We both know that there's nothing there but a really really rundown trailer park. Today, we were getting dinner and it happened to be next door to the trailer park, so I said, "Hey, let's drive through and see if his car is there...". Not that it mattered so much but we live in a boring town, he's been lying about some other really dumb things...

So I pull up and there a stop sign. I stop. There's a no trespassing sign. Normally would've turned around, but it's a rental property. Right behind the sign was "The Office". Total rental property. I live in an apartment that also has no trespassing signs. Yet, people always drive around there and through it, no big deal. When it's a rental property I take (took it is more like it now, never ignoring that sigh again) it more to mean "no drive through traffic", but I mean when you're looking at a place to rent, you drive around it, right? So we go through. drive down one row of trailers, don't see anything. There's a ton of cars, lots of people living there. Then I finally get some sense and realize this is really dumb, so we go to leave.

Then, the straight out of some kind of crazy hillbilly movie thing happens. A huge old white pickup truck drives towards us. Flashing it's lights. Then he stops. Starts to get out. This guy is easily 6-6 (my hubby's 6'6) and 300 lbs. Wearing overalls. Crazy scary looking. Holds his hand out to us. My sister and I have never been in any kind of trouble before. Ever. Never did anything, no smoking, drugs, nothing. Total rule following goody two shoes types. But, there's no way I'm having a conversation with this crazy looking guy. So I start to go around him. He POUNDS on my car, on the window and roof and starts screaming at me to get out!! Yeah, right! I drive off, down that little dirt road. He is writing down my license and on the phone (presumably calling the cops). Then he jumps in his truck, turns around and comes flying down the road after us!!!! I luckily was able to jump right into the wonderfully busy intersection and speed down the highway (towards the police station). He got stuck. For so long, that he lost us.

So, my question is, are the cops going to come looking for me? We live outside the biggest military base in the free world, so there's a lot of crime. A LOT. Burglaries, robberies, rapes, etc... Oh and of course like any small city, a big drug problem. I would assume they would have better things to deal with, but like I said, never been in trouble before. On the plus side, my license plate is out of state and is only registered in my husband's name. He lives completely across the country.

I will never drive past a no trespassing sign again, rental property or not. Learned my lesson. Luckily, I'm moving 4 hours away on Tuesday, but if I get pulled over by a cop, I don't want my license plate to come back with a warrant for a trailer park driving thru escapade... sigh.

We were literally there for 90 seconds. There are about 50 trailers in 6 or 7 different roads lined up there. We drove down one.

Should I go to the police station and see if they want to talk to me?

I already feel really stupid, don't need your opinion on that. Also, I have nothing against mobile homes. That's just not something I care about. This is just a really raggedy, rampantly drug infested type of place (which is why this guy would lie to my sister about living there). I wouldn't feel any safer driving through certain apartment complexes in my city.
LOL I guess they don't want any trespassers.

The police have better things to do. Don't worry about it. DON'T call them. They can find you if they want you.

Avoid all white trucks.
Looking for dj's please help like cammy rankin boonie?
does anyone know about any more unsigned dj's like cammy or simialr sort of music

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um try DJ Jammis , DJ Bounce DJ speggy, DJ Ingwell , all can be found on youtube and video net
Ps3 Slim Or Xbox 360 Slim?
I know it is a lot but please read all of it. I had another post or question about consoles I should get but I want to spend my money in a good way. I am probably only going to get one console since I had both Xbox 360 and a Ps3 (which are both broken) I am in a bit of a jam, I also have to start post secondary education so I can't have too much time for games but enough. So basically I liked my Xbox for the following reasons: Live was very fun to cruise around on, info about new demos. trailers, stuff like that and I used to play with my friends A LOT. I have noticed though people who play or talk on Xbox 360 and Ps3 are basically the same, I run into annoying people everywhere. I've also gone through 2 headsets for the Xbox 360 and now I am just thinking of getting a Turtle Beach headset, what do you think?
For the Xbox 360 I also like the avatars even though it isn't as complex as PlayStation home, I find it more enjoyable to have my Avatar than running around in PlayStation home. Although there is tons of stuff to do on Playstation Home, there is a cost for pretty much everything. I also really like my Xbox 360 controller better than my Ps3 controller but it doesn't matter too much, I want to play co-op on one console as well so I don't know which is better since there are more games coming with more co-op improvements. For the Ps3 I only have one Blu-ray disc which is Avatar so I'm not using Blu-ray that much yet. I also recently bought a Playstation $20 card a week before my Ps3 got the YYLOD. The network doesn't matter too much since I have good Internet connection it's just that most people on Ps3 have shotty connection which makes games little bit slower when they become hosts for it. One big reason I want a Ps3 is for Uncharted 3, I just simply love it and I heard there will be more adjustments for the new game, but most of the games I am anticipating are multi-platform. I've done A LOT of research on the whole Ps3 Slim and Xbox 360 Slim problem, but for some reason I'm still stuck. To be honest I enjoyed online more on the Xbox 360 than the Ps3 since I have more friends on the Xbox, and more people talk which is more entertaining and more team based. Most of the people on Ps3 are actually annoying teens and pot heads, I mean there are some adults but it doesn't make a difference in gameplay. I had also more problems with the Ps3 controller than the Xbox since the Ps3 controller analog sticks got stuck a lot of the times, and it also feels waaay to light for me. For the new Ps3 exclusives everyone is yammering about, I'm not that excited for it because I don't care for most of those games. Like for example, I know tons of people will disagree with me but I didn't enjoy God Of War too much, basically one play through and that's it not really compelling, I'm not into final fantasy or twisted metal and things like that. I'm not really interested in getting playstation plus either since it doesn't have that much to offer compared to the Live. I'm not that hyped about the Blu-ray player built in either, I mean its a great addition and great for new technological consoles but I'd rather buy a Blu-ray player for my living room with the 50 inch HD TV. To be honest the only thing keeping me on the Ps3 side is Uncharted 3, and also since I bought my 20 dollar point card for Playstation lol.
I also have to say that most of the arguments I hear against the Xbox 360 and for the Ps3s side is that online is free even though 50 or 60 bucks a YEAR isn't that much, plus you get more for what you pay. I also hear that the Xbox 360 overheats more and RROD, I've had my Xbox 360 pro for 3-4 years and none of that occurred for me except the disc tray problem which wasn't that big of a deal until I screwed up my disc drive trying to fix it by myself :P So really now all I got going for the Ps3 is Uncharted 3, and since most of my friends of which I have like 30 on or something don't even invite me for games or even message me, while on Xbox I always played with people. I mean maybe I can buy the Xbox 360 slim and just let me bro buy a Ps3 then I can play uncharted 3 with him haha. Oh I forgot to add that when my Ps3 got the YYLOD after the patch which was supposed to be make my Ps3 safer and protected after the Hack, was just ridiculous for me. For now I'm leaning most on the Xbox 360s side since I enjoyed playing on it more, but I want to hear what you guys and ladies hopefully :D have to say. Now I don't want a console war or a short answer like "PS3" or "Xbox 360" please don't do that it's immature. (Now since I said it you will probably do it...trolls...:P) I also don't want to hear about Ps3 exclusives because I saw them all and did my homework also Halo and Gears are okay for me I don't mind those games. So if you people can please answer my question I will be very apprecia
Haha! Hi mate I'm looking at buying a PS3 or an xbox too. I have never had either of them before so I would try and call myself biased, I hope I am not at least! Anyway I'm going to get an xbox because their cheaper, more games and more friends on it, mainly because of my friends and it being cheaper. For me a console is about being social with people and having fun and NOT spending lots of money on it. Of course this is me and I may look at games consoles a completely different way to you.

My point is Uncharted 3 (which I have never heard of :P my fail!) is eventually gonna get broing after a while, especiall when you don't know many people on it.

With friends you can have as much fun as you live for AGES.

Due to this if I were in your position I would choose an xbox but thats me. Choose what ever you want because xbox if just my preference.
Why do people always think it wrong when a guy wishes to move out at age seventeen?
To many times, you find many "responsible adults" who complain about guyren wishing to leave home at the age of seventeen. These "responsible adults" then go into reasoning's why it's bad for guyren to move out at seventeen.

Then they turn around to say when that guy is eighteen, they can move out and do whatever they wish.

How much does one mature from seventeen to eighteen?

I was looking at an old petition of the "Missouri 17 Law" when I read this incredible piece of literature,

"if you are going to the word law to discribe what i read here start cussing. after seeing the news about a baby being left in a car by doctors and dieing. some moron total dip wants to impose more laws and fines on them. knowing that they are responseable parents they have patients waiting and a job to do. they probably stayed up all night after a long day with the baby accidents happen and i'm sure no one feels worse than they do. we don't need any more laws, we need compasion and common sense .when guys turn a certain age and they think they can run over you and your life and that three letter cuss word comes up. thats just obserd. we have people diening in a a war, and we give billions to other countries who hate our everloving guts. why don't we spend some of our dollars doing whats right. like for instants . if a guy thinks they are all that put them ina work camp for free ya know government paid by us boot camp, millitary, something besides passing the buck on people who are tring to be responseable and right. screwing them over and all the guyeren to follow allowing our next generation to be freeloading idiots who can't fin for themselves. we are raising a generation of low life with no common sense or intelligents because the law sucks. if guys run away they should be on there own, they made the choice. they should have to live with it no matter what happens. because with out no consequenses neither the law or parents have any athority. you just exist like a door matt. all guyren who run away should be returned to face the music the parents shouldn't be punished for making the guy go to school and be clean and responseable. harboring a runaway should have penalty. but if you want to keep a runaway you should accept and be liable for the guy. and all it's many problems that go with it. if your going to let a teen age guy move in and screw your daughter you should be responseable not anyone else. my wifes boy decided to quit school do drugs,steal, lie,and start a smoking habit. the woman who owns the girl he now has sex with since he was 15. buys him and all the other guys in the house cigarettes. and now since his sister seen that she decided she would rather live ina dumpy trailer with 3or 4 other guys that clean her room or help arround the house opened the window and took her makeup and she now r esides ther too , the woman can't afford all the guys show she want's us to give up custody, now what kinda crap is that,. 17 law ---- word."
Signature 234

Now for my take on this: It doesn't say how old this adult is. But they are old enough to worry about their seventeen year old moving out.

Now, if this was my parent, I would be utterly ashamed. This happens to be one of the "responsible adults" who complain about the ability of a guy to move out at seventeen. Now, if this person wants their guyren to listen to how they are irresponsible and need to stay in their home with their parent, maybe the parents should have stayed in school longer than their sophomore year.

I see this time and time again in which a parent who says their guy is irresponsible cannot spell "irresponsible".

These adults say that this new generation is "out of control", think about who raised this new generation.

You hear parents say, "If I would have spoken to my mother like you speak to me, I would have had my face slapped."

Well, dear parents, learn to discipline your guyren. Taking away their cellphone or computer isn't going to do it.

So my question to all of you is: Why is it that guyren are so often criticized when they wish to move out at the age of seventeen when a large majority of them have a stronger mental capacity than their parents do?
Because they are guyren, or young adults just starting out.
Even though they may have a stronger mental capacity, they might not have the stronger pay check.
Maybe it's not that they have the stronger mental capacity, but a different way of seeing or looking at things, a different approach at solving problems.

The second answer is also right,
Feeling like giving up?
I’m 24 born and raised in New Orleans. I have a brother and a sister. My father is an alcoholic and has been out my life since I was 3. My mother was has polio and raised us by herself. So to say the least we were poor. As a teen I was a bad *** in gangs. Selling drug and doing whatever to get money. I had 11 charges on me by time I was 15.i went in and out of juvy. My last term I did I was sopost to be in for juvy life. My sister came down for my court day and convinced the judge that her husband was a recruiter for the army and they would get me in. they lived in Houston and they would take me. Well they tried to get me in but I had too many violent charges so they couldn’t. The judge let me stay any way they all ready transferred my paper work. I just could not return to the sate till I was 18.At this time in my life I’ve lost most of friends to death and jail. I knew that’s not what I wanted with my life. So I straighten up I stop using drugs and stayed out of trouble. On my 18 birth day I was free to go back home so I left. I got a job and took care of my mom she was hurt and needed help. I found the love of my life. I love her more than words can express. Everything was good than Katrina hit. We lost everything .After the storm the rent was raised I couldn’t afford a 2 bedroom so my mom stayed with my sister. My girl friend family was in a trailer so I let her live with me. I worked as a car salesman I did well for myself. We plan of get married this year. As the economy fell so did my money. I had to work construction to try to make it. I tried so hard but in the end I just couldn’t do it. I lost my home and my car. I had nowhere to go. So I had to leave to Houston. Leaving my girl behind. That was the hardest things to do. My life complete flipped. I’ve been in Houston for 5 months trying to get a job with no luck. People want to hire me but I lied on my app. About graduating H.S. truth is I never made it past the 9th grade. I been studying for my G.E.D. but it’s a lot of stuff I never seen. My girl left me. I’m pretty sure she seeing other people. So with no job ,no girl, nobody to help. I’m feeling hopeless .all I ever wanted was to get married and have my own family. To be successful and be happy. I’m still trying but I’m just ready to give up.
Wow Mike, you have really been through alot in your young life haven't you? While reading your question I couldn't help feeling like reaching out and giving you a big hug. So here"s a big hug for you! (((((((Mike))))))))

I can only tell you what "I" know from what I've experienced in my life. I'm 51 years old, and to be honest, my life was a total mess....Until I God led me to Him. That was 24 years ago, and my life just keeps getting better and better, the more that I let God change me!

Mike,...God really does "Love" you. Did you know that? I only answer one or two questions here on Yahoo when I get on,..and I believe that God led me to your question tonight for this purpose, make sure that you know that He really does love you! :o)

Now if you are interested,let me tell you what God wants you to do.

1. Make a list of everything in your life that you can be thankful for. Even if you don't have much right now, there are many things that we all take for granted. Things could be alot worse I'm sure. Can you walk? Is your health good? Your ability to work,Your freedom,Clean water, clothes, food, God's beautiful creation, and so on.
2. Thank God for these things.
3. Pray to God, and tell him that you need Him. Confess your sins and receive His forgiveness. Then, ask Him to guide you and give you wisdom to know what to do and where to go.
4. Be quiet and listen.
5. Find a good church and talk to the pastor.

Mike, I really do careand so do many others if you will let them,... and God can lead you to the right places, with the right people who can help you,... if you will only reach out and ask.

I hope you take this response to your question with the attitude that I meant it for. Love, Care, and Compassion. You deserve every opportunity to start a new life, and God is willing to give it to you! I know, because God has unconditional love for us and His love never changes. The Bible tells us so!

I will be praying for you Mike! Blessings to you! :o)

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