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Is Kick-*** the best movie ever made?
The recently released film Kick-***, your views?
Kick-*** is not the best movie ever made.The best movie ever made was THE GOLD RUSH it was produced in 1925 and it's director was Charles Chaplin.
I hope this was helpful.
I think kick *** is one of the best superhero movies ever do you agree?
It was so awsome, can't wait 4 the sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched it. I want to be just like hit girl when I grow little!
Is The Ninja Gaiden Series The Best And Hardest Fighting Game Ever Made ?
I'm a gamer and I must admit that ninja gaiden is a "kick ***"game. I like the graphic, sound and sitting but sometimes hates the cameras. I love this game and I think it is the best game ever made. I'm also a god of war fan but I still think N.G is the best game. What do you think ?
N.G is the coolest gamer ever! Its' like the red one blowing fire all over, and the blue one is like jump 10cm from the ground. Better than chuck norris and jackie chan. And when I sleep, the game is like still in my mind man. It really kick "triple asterisk!".
Never back down is the best movie ive ever seen is there going to be a sequel??? It woukd kick ***?
It would be a huge hit
I heard a rumor bout one being set for production, the 2nd is to take place in brazil... the plot is roqua's father is ill and jake goes with him to brazil there u will disover a love trinangle between roqua, the woman he loved and his ex best friend paulo... paulos son picks on jake and forces him to fight... sounds cheesy. That was a few years back though, I think the plot went under and I know Sean Faris (Jake) said he would not do a sequel a few month back, bummer
What is the best comeback you have ever used?
What is the best comeback you have ever used and who on?
Mine:I was bending over once and this guy saw my *** crack and he said''Nice *** crack'' Then i said"At least my *** looks better than your face" then he "what type of comeback was that" and i said " IF I WANTED MY *** BACK I WOULD WIPE IT OFF YOUR MUMS FACE" it was funny.
Whenever someone says, "F**k you", I reply, "You wouldn't like it -- I'd just lay there"! ~:)>
Is John Cena the worst wrestler ever? Is Randy Orton the best of his age?
I think Cena is the worst I have ever seen. He can't sell getting *** kicked, he over dramatizes everything, he is just terrible.

I also think Orton is the best right now. He sells getting his *** kicked when he gets his *** kicked, he moves in the ring like no other. I've never seen him botch be4 (except that rko on jericho which was jericho's fault).

Orton is the best of the new generation, hands down.

Cena isn't as bad as they make him out to be. It isn't his fault. I'm a huge hater of the current Cena, but he can wrestle.
Watch his earlier Smackdown matches pre-JBL storyline. His first matches were good. His matches with Carlito were good. I'm not saying he's the best, but he's not the worst.
Is there a kick *** 2 coming out it is possibly the best film i have ever seen?
Yes supposedly coming out in 2012 and meant to be called Kick *** 2: Balls to the Wall or something like that. All of the cast and crew want to do it again as they enjoyed it and it did well in the box office. I loved the movie possibly one of the funniest action movies I've ever seen.
What is the best baseball video game ever?
What is the best baseball video game ever? I am looking for one that I can play on a Sony system - PS, PS2, PS3. I am especially looking for one with a kick-*** Dynasty/Owner/Franchise mode.

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